Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Board of Directors of NSCFPD holds regular meetings on the third Wednesday of each month, usually at 10:00 a.m. at the Sea Ranch North Fire Station (NFS) at 39250 Highway One on The Sea Ranch. Some meetings may be at different times or locations; please check this website and the agenda when posted for details.

Meeting DateTypeLocationAgendaMinutes
June 19, 2024BoardNorth Fire Station
June 12, 2024Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station06/12/24 FC Agenda
May 31, 2024Board Special MeetingNorth Fire Station05/31/24 Board Agenda
May 15, 2024BoardNorth Fire Station05/15/24 Board Agenda
May 10, 2024Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station05/10/24 FC Agenda
May 10, 2024Board Special MeetingNorth Fire Station05/10/24 Board Agenda05/10/24 Board Minutes
April 30, 2024Board Special MeetingNorth Fire Station04/30/24 Board Agenda04/30/24 Board Minutes
April 30, 2024Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station04/30/24 FC Agenda04/30/24 FC Minutes
April 16, 2024BoardNorth Fire Station04/16/24 Agenda04/16/24 Minutes
March 29, 2024Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station03/29/24 Agenda03/29/24 Minutes
March 19, 2024BoardNorth Fire Station03/19/24 Agenda03/19/24 Minutes
February 28, 2024BoardNorth Fire Station02/28/24 Agenda02/28/24 Minutes
February 20, 2024BoardNorth Fire Station02/20/24 Agenda02/20/24 Minutes
January 16, 2024BoardNorth Fire Station01/16/24 Agenda01/16/24 Minutes
December 12, 2023Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station12/12/23 Agenda12/12/23 Minutes
November 28, 2023BoardNorth Fire Station11/28/23 Agenda11/28/23 Minutes
October 30, 2023Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station10/30/23 Agenda10/30/23 Minutes
October 17, 2023BoardNorth Fire Station10/17/23 Agenda10/17/23 Minutes
September 19, 2023BoardNorth Fire Station9/19/23 Agenda9/19/23 Minutes
September 12, 2023Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station9/12/23 Agenda9/12/23 Minutes
August 15, 2023BoardNorth Fire Station8/15/23 Agenda8/15/23 Minutes
July 18, 2023BoardNorth Fire Station7/18/23 Agenda  7/18/23 Minutes 
June 20, 2023BoardNorth Fire Station6/20/23 Agenda  6/20/23 Minutes 
June 14, 2023Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station6/14/23 Agenda  6/14/23 Minutes
May 16, 2023BoardNorth Fire Station5/16/23 Agenda5/16/23 Minutes 
May 3, 2023Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station5/3/23 Agenda5/3/23 Minutes 
April 18, 2023BoardNorth Fire station4/18/23 Agenda4/18/23 Minutes 
March 21, 2023BoardNorth Fire Station3/21/23 Agenda3/21/23 Minutes 
February 24, 2023Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station2/24/23 Agenda2/24/23 Minutes 
 February 21, 2023 BoardNorth Fire Station2/21/23 Agenda 2/21/23 Minutes 
January 17, 2023BoardNorth Fire Station1/17/23 Agenda1/17/23 Minutes 
December 18, 2022Board, Special MeetingTeleconference12/18/22 Agenda12/28/22 Minutes 
December 14, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station12/14/22 Agenda12/14/22 Minutes 
December 8, 2022Board, Special MeetingNorth Fire Station12/8/22 Agenda 12/8/22 Minutes 
 December 5, 2022Board, Special MeetingNorth Fire Station12/5/22 Agenda 12/5/22 Minutes 
 December 2, 2022Finance Committee  North Fire Station12/2/22 Agenda12/2/22 Minutes 
 November 16, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station11/15/22 Agenda11/16/22 Minutes 
 November 2, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station 11/2/22 Agenda 11/2/22 Minutes 
October 31, 2022Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station10/31/22 Agenda 10/31/22 Minutes 
October 25, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station10/25/22 Agenda10/25/22 Minutes 
October 20, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station10/20/22 Agenda 10/20/22 Minutes 
October 19, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station10/19/22 Agenda10/19/22 Minutes 
October 14, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station10/14/22 Agenda10/14/22 Minutes 
September 21, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station9/21/22 Agenda9/21/22 Minutes 
September 6, 2022Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station9/6/22 Agenda9/6/22 Minutes 
August 17, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station 8/17/22 Agenda8/17/22 Minutes 
July 20, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station7/20/22 Agenda7/20/22 Minutes 
June 15, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station6/15/22 Agenda6/15/22 Minutes 
June 3, 2022Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station6/3/22 Agenda6/3/22 Minutes 
May 18, 2022BoardTeleconference5/18/22 Agenda5/28/22 Minutes 
April 22, 2022Board Special MeetingNorth Fire Station4/22/22 Agenda4/22/22 Minutes 
April 20, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station4/20/22 Agenda4/20/22 Minutes 
April 7, 2022Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station4/7/22 Agenda4/7/22 Minutes 
March 16, 2022BoardNorth Fire Station3/16/22 Agenda3/16/22 Minutes 
 February 16, 2022 Board Teleconference2/16/22 Agenda 2/16/22 Minutes 
January 19, 2022BoardTeleconference1/19/22 Agenda1/19/22 Minutes 
January 18, 2022Special BoardNorth Fire Station1/18/22 Agenda 1/18/22 Minutes 
January 16, 2022Special BoardTeleconference1/16/22 Agenda1/16/22 Minutes 
December 15, 2021BoardNorth Fire Station12/15/21 Agenda12/15/21 Minutes 
December 2, 2021Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station12/2/21 Agenda12/2/21 Minutes 
November 17, 2021BoardNorth Fire Station11/17/21 Agenda11/17/21 Minutes 
October 20, 2021BoardNorth Fire Station10/20/21 Agenda 10/20/21 Minutes 
September 29, 2021BoardNorth Fire Station9/29/21 Agenda9/29/21 Minutes 
September 13, 2021BoardNorth Fire Station9/13/21 Agenda9/13/21 Minutes 
August 30, 2021Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station8/30/21 Agenda8/30/21 Minutes 
August 26, 2021BoardTeleconference8/26/21 Agenda8/26/21 Minutes 
August 18, 2021BoardNorth Fire Station8/18/21 Agenda 8/18/21 Minutes 
July 21, 2021BoardNorth Fire Station7/21/21 Agenda 7/21/21 Minutes 
June 14, 2021BoardNorth Fire Station6/14/21 Agenda 6/14/21 Minutes 
June 3, 2021Finance CommitteeTeleconference6/3/21 Agenda 6/3/21 Minutes 
May 13, 2021BoardNorth Fire Station5/13/21 Agenda5/13/21 Minutes 
May 10, 2021BoardTeleconference5/10/21 Agenda5/10/21 Minutes 
April 27, 2021Finance CommitteeNorth Fire Station4/19/21 Agenda 4/19/21 Minutes 
April 19, 2021Finance CommitteeTeleconference4/19/21 Agenda4/19/21 Minutes 
April 16, 2021Finance CommitteeTeleconference4/16/21 Agenda4/16/21 Minutes 
April 12, 2021BoardTeleconference4/12/21 Agenda4/12/21 Minutes 
April 12, 2021Finance CommitteeTeleconference4/12/21 FC Agenda4/12/21 FC Minutes 
March 12, 2021Finance CommitteeTeleconference3/12/21 Agenda3/12/21 Minutes 
March 8, 2021BoardTeleconference3/8/21 Agenda3/8/21 Minutes 
February 15,2021Finance CommitteeTeleconference2/15/21 Agenda2/51/21 Minutes
February 8, 2021BoardTeleconference2/8/21 Agenda2/8/21 Minutes 
January 22, 2021Finance CommitteeTeleconference1/22/21 Agenda1/22/21 Minutes 
January 11, 2021BoardTeleconference1/11/21 Agenda1/11/21 Minutes 

Earlier Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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