Portable Emergency Power

picture of generator 4438 at night with light tower lit
Generator 4438 showing light tower at night.

Your fire department is now better prepared to respond to emergencies, especially during extended power outages. In April of 2023 NSCFPD was awarded a grant from the Sonoma County Tourism Impact Fund (TIF) for FY22-23. The goal of the grant application was to obtain equipment and materials to have ready for future prolonged emergencies. We received an award of $60,000 which we put towards the purchase of two portable, towable 20kW generators (one with a light tower). Such equipment would have been very helpful to the department and the community during the storms of January 2023 and their aftermath. The generators arrived in the summer and fall of 2023. We are now able to have portable power in two locations, as well as have a significant light source in any location. The generator with the light tower will be useful not just during power outages but at any extended event away from power sources where scene lighting would be helpful, e.g. an extended nighttime traffic incident on the highway, or an incident command post in a remote location.

image of Sonoma County seal

We thank the Board of Supervisors and the Community Investment Fund Program for helping us to add these useful tools to our emergency response toolbox.

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