Board of Directors

The governance of the district is overseen by a board of five directors who are elected by citizens registered to vote within the District.  Meeting agendas and minutes are posted here.

The district will be electing new board members next in the November 2024 general election. If you are interested, check back here later for more information on what this entails and how to run for the board.

The current members of the NSCFPD Board of Directors are listed below. Please click on the director’s name to send email.

NameTerm ExpiresOffice
Marti CampbellDec / 2024Chair
Leslie TittleDec / 2024Member
Tristan ColsonDec / 2026Secretary
Jackie GardenerDec / 2026Member
Jim NybakkenDec / 2024Vice-Chair

Serving the communities of The Sea Ranch, Annapolis, and Stewarts Point

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