March 2024 Ballot Measure To Support Emergency Services

There will be a measure on the 2024 March election ballot to create a 1/2 cent sales tax to support funding for emergency services in Sonoma County. The primary goal of the measure is to provide for more efficient, effective, and sustainable fire response, paramedic services, and wildfire prevention and response capabilities that protect the health and safety of Sonoma County residents, business owners, and visitors. The measure has not yet been assigned an identifying letter.

The measure was developed by Sonoma County fire agencies and was put on the ballot as a signature-qualified initiative. The measure targets specific needs and funding gaps that affect all county agencies.

The NSCFPD fact sheet explains specifically how funds from the tax will benefit North Sonoma Coast residents. This Fact Sheet from the Sonoma County Fire Chief’s Association gives more information and how the funds will support needs in Sonoma County overall.

A Sea Ranch Forum regarding the sales tax measure and information about fire services on the coast will be held on January 27 at 3:00 p.m. in the Del Mar Center Hall.

Additional information will be posted here as we get closer to election day.

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