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Frequently Asked Questions

Call 9-1-1 before calling anyone else. Other local agencies, such as TSRA Security, can be called next (or from a second phone) and can often provide assistance, but it is best to get the emergency services system in motion as soon as possible.

If you have a choice use a land-line, or "wired" phone as it may be a faster way of getting emergency medical help than using the cell phone. If you do use a cell phone just call 9-1-1.  It is no longer advised to call dispatch centers using a direct number.

It is not always evident from the initial dispatch information what exactly is going on or how many firefighters may be needed. Even on apparently simple medical calls, it sometimes requires a number of people to move a patient (e.g. down a narrow stairway, or up to the bluff from a beach). Or, what initially appears to be a "small fire" could quickly turn into something larger. All available volunteers always respond to a call, and the initial responders cancel incoming resources once it is known that additional help is not needed. Better to have too many hands than too few in a real emergency!

NSCFPD has 18 active members and 5 support members. The district officers are: Chief Bonnie Plakos, Assistant Chief Chuck Breier, Captain Paul Plakos and Captain Phil Martin. A minimum of two permanent CAL FIRE staff are on duty at all times.

The South Station on Annapolis Road is staffed 24x7 by CAL FIRE personnel. A minimum of 2 CAL FIRE staff are on duty, but sometimes 3 or 4 firefighters and/or engineers may be available depending on availability and season. On-duty CAL FIRE staff live at the South Station, and usually work 72-hour shifts. Besides the CAL FIRE staff specifically assigned to NSVFPD, seasonal state CAL FIRE personnel and one additional wildland fire engine are in residence at the South Station during fire season. The seasonal staff has responsibility beyond the district boundary and may respond to a wider area, or be moved for days or weeks at a time to fight fires or staff other stations anywhere in California. When the usual seasonal engine and crew are moved elsewhere, a different engine and crew will be temporarily assigned to the NSCFPD South Station. When the seasonal crew is present, they will respond to local emergencies along with the permanent district staff.

The company trains every other week at regularly-scheduled sessions, with occasional additional training sessions or classes depending on the season. The company also participates in training sessions with nearby agencies such as the Timber Cove, Fort Ross, South Coast, or Redwood Coast fire departments, or the Coast Life Support District.

The department ran 318 calls in 2019, 290 in 2020 and 329 in 2021.  Types of calls in 2021: 60% medical, 8% hazardous conditions, 9% fire, 9% vehicle accidents, 5% alarms sounding, 2% smoke checks, 2% rescue, and 6% other. 

Information about department funding can be found here: Funding

Information about joining the department can be found here:  Join Us

The fire department and The Sea Ranch Association (TSRA) are completely separate. TSRA has no authority over the department.

If it is your first time requesting a burn permit you need to fill out an Application for Open Burning and send the application and a fee to Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District (NSCAPCD). Applications can be obtained in person at the fire station on Annapolis road. NSCAPCD will mail your permit to you. If you have already obtained a permit in prior years then you can just call the NSCAPCD to reactivate your permit each year. Burn requirements change with each burn season so it is a good idea contact CalFire (785-2648) to obtain information for the current year.

Call 707-565-BURN (2876) to determine Burn Day status and any special restrictions and conditions. You must call to register your burn, each day that you burn.

The CAL FIRE personnel permanently assigned to the Sea Ranch Fire Station perform the inspections for compliance to California Public Resources Code 4291.

The CAL FIRE staff attempts to inspect about 1/4 to 1/3 of the TSR properties each year. The amount of inspections actually done is dependent on available staff, fire season activity, and other activities that may preempt inspections. Anyone can request an inspection by calling the South Fire Station at 707-785-2648.

You are welcome to call CAL FIRE with any safety concerns. In a situation where someone requests an inspection of someone else's property, CAL FIRE will perform inspections on the entire neighborhood.

Chief's Corner

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    We are always happy to see rain...although recent events have been a bit too much of a good thing.  I thank the incredible team of volunteer firefighters, CAL FIRE, TSRA Staff, and public agencies...

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Residential pile burning no longer requires a CAL FIRE permit as of December 11, 2022.  NSCFPD is in the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District (NSCAPCD). You can find your air quality district here. See here for residential debris burn permit information from CAL FIRE.

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